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How to Write a Professional Freelance Writer Bio No Matter Your Experience

Just getting started as a freelance writer?

First thing’s first: make sure you’ve selected one industry to specialize in as a writer. For example, a parenting writer, B2B writer or fitness writer. If you haven’t chosen your niche to specialize in, I’ll take you through the process here.

The next thing to have in place before writing your bio is your published writing samples. Using platforms like LinkedIn Publisher, Medium and Kindle Direct Publishing, you can easily publish your writing online for free. Plus, you can pitch to bloggers in your industry who are taking guest post submissions.

It’s important you’re able to mention these in your bio. In content marketing, businesses care more about your ability to write for the web than they do about your education credentials and work experience. They care about the ideas you can bring to the table and your ability to hold their readers’ attention. Plus, your business expertise on how content marketing works.

Where Does Your Freelance Writer Bio Go?

You’ll want to publish your freelance writer bio on the “About Me” page of your own website. Also, LinkedIn lets you add an “about” summary, where you should include your full-length bio.

This bio isn’t the same as a “byline,” which is 1 or 2 sentences that go at the beginning or end of an article you wrote.

What to Cover in Your Freelance Writing Bio?

Start out with what industry you write in. Instead of “freelance writer,” say you’re a writer for hire. For example: LGBT culture writer for hire.

Note: use 3rd person!

Next, cover where you’ve been published or where you’re publishing yourself. Then go into the specifics about your expertise — both in terms of industry knowledge and content marketing expertise.

Here’s a sample bio for a freelance writer in the health industry:

In this video I break down how this bio was crafted. Don’t skip this!

Questions? Let me know in the comments!

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